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Federal Court Grants Amnesty Int'l Leave to Intervene in Black Class Action

Image of Federal Court of Canada sign
Federal Court of Canada

Ottawa, February 14, 2024 — The Black Class Action Secretariat (BCAS) welcomes the Federal Court's decision to allow Amnesty International's intervention in the landmark class action lawsuit, despite the Canadian government's efforts to vehemently oppose it. This pivotal ruling underscores the necessity of incorporating international human rights perspectives in the fight against systemic discrimination within the federal public service.

The court found that Canada's international legal obligations could provide useful interpretive tools for analyzing Charter rights within the case, highlighting that Amnesty's expertise in international law as potentially beneficial for the court's determination of legal issues raised. This intervention highlights the national and international importance of our cause and the urgent need to address these injustices.

As we approach the certification hearing in May, the BCAS calls on the Government of Canada to consent to the certification of the class action, instead of forcing workers to relive decades of trauma. This step is crucial in moving forward toward a fair and just resolution for the affected Black workers. We urge the government to commit to meaningful actions that address and rectify the discrimination within the public service, thereby restoring trust and integrity in Canada's federal public service.


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